One trillion small goals of sports tourism! Japan's Waseda professor's words people wake up

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One trillion small goals of sports tourism! Japan's Waseda professor's words people wake up

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One trillion small goals of sports tourism! Japan's Waseda professor's words people wake up

General Administration of sports and Tourism Bureau has just released the one trillion China sports tourism "goal", Professor Harada Munehiko of Waseda University sports circle brother interview, his words let us think......

Text: Yin Haonan

"2020 sports tourism trips reached one billion? Total consumption reached one trillion yuan?! Woo ah...... Die pot!"

(transliteration from Japanese to dead pan, I live for "period, good")

From Japan's top universities, Waseda University professor Harada Munehiko (HARADA MUNEHIKO), the Asian Sports Marketing Forum, and sit in the circle opposite brother.But when I saw Chinese Tourism Bureau for the value expectation of sports tourism, gasped and he could not help, silently count up the number "1" behind how many "0".

One trillion small goals of sports tourism! Japan's Waseda professor's words people wake up

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Just a minute ago, Professor Harada to circle brother introduced the Japanese authorities meeting the "sports tourism overall development plan". Can be compared with the Chinese planning objectives of the government, it is "pale into insignificance by comparison".

"Such as sports tourism population statistics, it is not limited to venues and venues. A marathon, every athlete on the field, off the sidelines of each audience can be drawn in the calculation range. According to this method accumulated, then you say astronomical is not impossible."

On the feasibility of "1 billion passengers +1 trillion yuan", Professor Harada gives a meaningful answer.

A few days ago, by the National Development Research Institute of Peking University sports school, Japan Dentsu, International Sports Research Center (CIES) sponsored by the Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Ocean Sports Culture and Sports Science Research Institute of Waseda University in Japan Co hosted the Asian Sports Marketing Forum ", we take this opportunity to interview the success of the Waseda University Professor, chatted the prospect of sports tourism with him.

Emerging middle class is the main consumption of sports tourism

1954 born Harada Munehiko born in Osaka, japan. When he finished his studies at Kyoto University of Education, chose to enter the University of Tsukuba Sports Studies Division, officially opened his sports career. In 2005, he officially became a professor at the Waseda University Institute of physical education, the sports and city development "and other hot topics published a lot of studies and reports, his reputation.

In recent years, Harada Munehiko will focus most of the sports tourism industry.2012, is responsible for the management of Japanese sports tourism directly under the organization JSTA (Japan Sports Tourism Alliance) was established, Harada Munehiko was appointed chairman, CO promote the development of sports tourism in japan.

One trillion small goals of sports tourism! Japan's Waseda professor's words people wake up

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"What kind of organization is JSTA? It does not operate the sports tourism industry practice, but is responsible for the establishment of sports committees in various local organizations, namely Sports Commission. By the committee to assist local governments, sports events and personnel training, promote sports tourism nationwide."

According to Harada Munehiko's introduction,Currently in Japan the number of the committee is 38, according to the plan, in 2020 Harada Munehiko hopes to double the number, at least up to 70.

However, in a country that relies heavily on manufacturing and aging, promoting sports travel is not an easy task. In Harada Munehiko's view,The promotion of sports tourism industry in Japan depends more on the rise and growth of middle class in other developing countries.

"Asia alone, the middle class, the rich, by 2020 will reach 1 billion 950 million people, far more than Europe and america. These people will be the future of Japan's sports tourism industry consumption." Harada said, "in 2015 a Japanese company" in Asia you most want to go to the countries' investigation, on the basis of the 4000 respondents answer, 52% people is the first choice in japan. We also ski and hot springs and other popular places for tourism statistics, 30% of them are from foreign tourists. The potential for future development is considerable."

One trillion small goals of sports tourism! Japan's Waseda professor's words people wake up

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About ten years ago, the number of inbound tourists in Japan in 2003 was 5 million. This year the number has expanded to 24 million passengers. Apart from promoting the middle class grow, in view of the information revolution Harada, is also a tourist population skyrocketing.

"Tourists interested in a scenic spot, he will access the relevant information on the internet. And in the actual tourism to their feelings and experiences, through text, photos and video forms in the online share out, and then cause a new wave of tourists attention, thus forming a virtuous circle. Many unknown tourist resources in the world, are so publicized."

Harada and then to the Hokkaido for example: "there is a very small place in Hokkaido, the population of about 5000 people to. But now it's a very famous ski resort. The biggest reason is that the quality of snow snow here is very good, known as "fat snow", compared with artificial snow field, more skiers like."

Sports tourism cornucopia effect

Sports tourism is now the fastest growing part of the world's industry.Currently has accounted for 10% of the world's tourism industry revenue, and an annual growth rate of 6% continued to rise. In contrast with the traditional Harada's eyes, the natural effect of sports tourism projects, tourism industry has more "cornucopia".

Sports can make good use of natural resources to create new consumer demand. Like a river, not just a river. His raft. But after the sports, immediately hyperchromic. Some sports such as skiing, marathon and triathlon, will attract more sports enthusiasts and young people delegation to travel, to stimulate the development of tourism economy."

"Of course, sports tourism is the tourism to let everyone out of the house, in the hotel, catering, mechanism of shopping and traffic industry chain, around the sports to create business value. This is a very mixed chain of business chain."

One trillion small goals of sports tourism! Japan's Waseda professor's words people wake up

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It is interesting to note that in September last year, according to China's National Bureau of statistics and the Sports Bureau jointly launched the sports industry 11 sub industry directory, sports tourism is still at the second level, in the "other services" ranked first. The first level is the production of sporting goods, sporting goods sales, sports venues and stadium construction applications.

Dean of the College of sports business in Beijing University Yi Jiandong seems, so the reason for grading, not just industrial valuation so simple. Development of an industry in China, sometimes not in the minds of ordinary people and the needs of the market, but the communication and coordination between departmental interests, and even can be said to be a game.

"For example, the recent guidance on accelerating the development of sports tourism, the first Department ranked before the proclamation is the National Tourism Administration, the second sector is the State Sports General administration. As everyone knows, in our country sports tourism must rely on the two sector collaboration can be made, however, the National Tourism Bureau is the vice ministerial level, the State Sports General Administration is the ministerial level units, this (before the site is in part) is obviously significant." Yi Jiandong analysis road.

Perhaps in the operation of industrial management mechanism, we should still look at how to do more neighbors.

The post Olympic era is the golden period of developing sports tourism

In the next few years, Asia will undoubtedly become the world's sports center. Taipei Universiade, Doha World Gymnastics Championship, Chinese Basketball World Cup, South Korea swimming world championships and other important events, the future will be settled in all Asian countries held.

Among them, hosting the 2019 football World Cup and the Summer Olympics in Japan in 2020 undoubtedly carries more expectations and business value. But it seems in the golden period of growth Harada, sports tourism, in fact, is the window stage at the end of the contest after "".

One trillion small goals of sports tourism! Japan's Waseda professor's words people wake up

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"For example, the 2012 London Olympic Games, the number of tourists in the Olympic Games before and after the year will increase, but the Olympic Games was down 4.2%." Harada said. "The real value of the Olympic Games is to leave a lot of Olympic legacy.For example, Japan in 1972 the great success of the Sapporo Olympics, the center of the building to be much development, the subway opened. Since then, every year there are about 450 thousand people to Sapporo city tour, Cangshan ski arena has also become a representative of the scenic spots in Sapporo."

Apart from improving the hardware conditions, help the city to get more volume and prestige, with a benign publicity contest, to undertake more competition, and promote capital investment, but also "heritage" on another important basis of growth of sports tourism.

One trillion small goals of sports tourism! Japan's Waseda professor's words people wake up

Harada said: "after the Olympics, Britain then hosted the Commonwealth Games and the Rugby World Cup, the world championships will be held next year, which will make the UK get sustained attention effect. Also, because sports travel to Britain who will stay longer than the passengers in general, about two times the money spent is ordinary passengers spent."

In other words, sports tourism projects generally have stronger ability to absorb gold."Harada made his conclusion.

In recent years, the overall output value of World Tourism grew rapidly, accounting for 9.3% of the world's GDP, each of the top 12 jobs in the tourism industry has about 1. Now the sports industry development, from the new dimension to create more consumer demand for the development of the tourism industry a tiger with wings added.

A simple conversation, we can from the Waseda professor in the discourse in the academic perspective of a status quo of sports tourism industry in japan.As for the market of the vast Chinese, looking up the steps have been completed, the next thing to do, is to sink in the heart, every piece of land at the foot of the deep well.

After 08 years of Olympic legacy is exhausted, in the post Olympic era we are still in the predicament of industry stumbled, one trillion is a bubble or a foundation? Is the guidance slogan or skill? The men's basketball team in 2019 World Cup, the 2022 Winter Olympics and even the future of the soccer World Cup, is for us to continue to trial opportunities, or hanging in the air Damour Damocles sword?

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